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The Master Plan

October 8, 2008

Okay, here it goes.

I have a big long-term plan for…well, not this blog, but what this blog is a part of. At its full scope, as I’ve plotted out so far, it involves at least fifteen separate components.

Poppacultcha is one of the main three sections. Each section consists of a blog, a message board, a wiki, a Twitter stream and a web site.

For Poppacultcha, the plan is this:

The core of this section if the blog. The message board is basically a general meeting place to discuss pop culture, and the blog, and possibly some other things come up with at a later date. The other three parts are more specialized. The wiki is tentatively named I-Get-It, and it’s something I’ve been interested in, in some form, for a while: a collection of interpretations of any work in any medium. Movies, books, songs, anything that lends itself to creative interpretation. Each work has a page, which consists of, maybe, a summary or synopsis, followed by any interested user creating a section for their own ideas about the meaning. If you want the world to know what “Particle Man”really means, make a page for They Might Be Giants, a page for Particle Man, post the lyrics, slap on a divider, and write up your brilliant assessment of how Triangle Man represents religion and its oppression of science.*

The Twitter stream, which has been launched HERE, is also different. Unofficially titled “Brainstorm,” it is a place where I will post random Ideas I have for…anything. Movies, books, TV shows, comics, anything. The point is that you do the same: set up a Twitter stream, Follow mine, and post any time you get a cool idea you don’t mind somebody else running with (collaboration and citation are encouraged). The web site, The File, will be a collection of these from everybody in the group sorted by creator, probably medium, etc.

Section two is much more specific: it’s geared toward traditional game design (ie, card, board, tabletop RPG, anything you don’t have to hook up to a screen, basically). It’s an open source gaming initiative centered around a wiki called GameBrew. Create a page for your game or part of a game (more on that around launch time) and lay it out. Creations I choose to spotlight will be raved about at the accompanying blog, The Distillery (there’s a microbrewery theme to the names, I thought it was appropriate). The message board, The Brewhouse, is for discussion of the wiki and everything on it. The Twitter stream and web page (The Hopper and The Cellar, respectively) are similar to the one for the Poppacultcha network, but for game design ideas.

The third section is way, way too out there for me to announce at this moment. I’m trying to find a way to describe it in detail without sounding like a cult leader. It’s a cultural movement that aims to make the world more fun and encourage people to do the kinds of things they would love to do but never would otherwise (break out into an elaborate, semi-choreographed song-and-dance number in public and post the video online…for example).

Stay tuned.

– Robbi Ramirez, democratically elected representative of the fourth congressional district of the Pompatus of Love

* This is actually a very common interpretation. I’m sticking with the Watchmen thing, myself.


Web 2.0 Shall Be My Bitch

October 5, 2008

This…this is a blog is what this is.


Anyway, the point is, blogs are really the tip of the iceberg here, internet-wise. There is, as you may have noticed, a link in the links section to the Poppacultcha Forums. The question is, what else may there be?

I do have a MySpace. I never use it (that picture may be from ninth grade). Now, I might. Feel free to add me as a friend. If there is some sort of…group…feature…there may be a Poppacultcha one. Blog posts here may be cross-posted to my Myspace blog.

I’ve noticed that most high school students use MySpace and most college students use Facebook. Yes, I am in college. Yes, I still have a MySpace. No, I have no plan to make a page on Facebook. If any of you only use Facebook, I may start one.

For the record, my e-mail is Don’t be shy.

There will probably be a wiki, but not a Poppacultcha one. I have a Big Plan in the works, and it is a wiki, but it’s only peripherally related.

YouTube is irrelevant. You will be assimilated.

There may be other spin-off blogs and other various web pages that will likely interest many readers to some extent.

The weather-machine, food-pill and shoe-phone programs are not going well.

Ignore the previous sentence.

A Twitter stream is…unlikely but possible. I tend to ramble, which kind of defeats the point.

There’s probably a bunch of other flavor-of-the-month crap I’m forgetting (Poppacultcha: The iPhone App!* Poppacultcha: The Flamethrower!), but so be it.

Now that I have rambled sufficiently about how my content will be distributed, my next post should be actual content. I’m feeling generous.

– Robbi Ramirez, King of the Lanes

P.S. For anybody who doesn’t know, the name of this blog is a reference to the Pixies song “Subbacultcha” (think about it) from the underrated album Trompe le Monde.

* There will, however, be an Android app, once my devteam finds out what’s causing the seizures in epileptics and the mildly clairvoyant.

What The Hell Have I Done

October 3, 2008

This…this is a blog, is what this is. Something you have to update somewhat frequently. I am not in any way prepared for this.

Douglas Adams once said that he loved deadlines for the pleasant whoosh sound they made as they flew by. I’ve always sympathized with this sentiment very strongly. If this reeks of laziness, I should probably leave out the fact that, in my case, these deadlines are largely self-imposed. I would do terrible, terrible things for the right to actually have the public care enough about what I write to warrant somebody getting on my ass over dragging my feet on my next masterwork. When I write, I do it for me, and I still don’t do it. I’m too lazy to do something that’s for my own enjoyment.

Ironically, I’m great with real deadlines. All through my school years I rarely missed an assignment, or handed one in late. I procrastinate the hell out of them almost every time, true, but they get turned in perfectly on schedule. Apparently I care more about appearing to be a hard worker than I do about actually working with any vigor. Fuck you, subconscious.

So why a blog? Consider this an attempt to go cold turkey, assuming it’s actually possible to quit not doing something. I’m throwing myself into the deep end so I can learn how to swim by channeling my much deeper need to not drown and die. Of course, nobody is going to kill me if I don’t update my blog – I can only dream of a day when enough people enjoy my writing that it could provoke at least one deranged fan to try to murder me if I stop – but I don’t want to embarrass myself, especially after ranting about my own laziness for this long. It’s never a good thing when your last known blog post consists solely of “please, God, don’t let this be my last blog post.” The internet has enough well-documented public nervous breakdowns, so the last thing I want is for my most famous writings to be an exhaustive, Lovecraftian diary of my own dwindling sanity as a paradoxical result of my own inability to keep that very blog updated.

So, you know…let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

From this blog, expect deep analysis (read: rabid rants, positive and negative) of whatever pop culture I’ve taken in lately and have a strong opinion about. Editorials may be vicious, reviews will probably be effusive. And occasionally vicious. Expect (hopefully lengthy) interviews with anybody who interests me and will return my e-mails. Snippets of fiction might show up occasionally. God willing, so will links to various projects I’m considering starting up (homebrew tabletop RPG systems probably making up most of these, because during lean seasons I tend to produce half-formed game ideas at a disturbing rate), but after they are introduced they will be mentioned minimally outside of their respective separate pages. If you come here for rants about disappointing comic book crossover events, why Halo sucks and the overrated or underrated status of whatever band I just heard for the first time, I won’t bore you with why my homemade universal roleplaying system is clearly superior to all other homemade universal roleplaying systems (I’m looking at you, Hybrid). I may even keep different media in different categories for just this reason.

Expect any updates that might magically happen on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays or weekends.

We’ll see how that goes.

– Robbi Ramirez, last of the freelance hackers and greatest swordfighter in the world.