Web 2.0 Shall Be My Bitch

This…this is a blog is what this is.


Anyway, the point is, blogs are really the tip of the iceberg here, internet-wise. There is, as you may have noticed, a link in the links section to the Poppacultcha Forums. The question is, what else may there be?

I do have a MySpace. I never use it (that picture may be from ninth grade). Now, I might. Feel free to add me as a friend. If there is some sort of…group…feature…there may be a Poppacultcha one. Blog posts here may be cross-posted to my Myspace blog.

I’ve noticed that most high school students use MySpace and most college students use Facebook. Yes, I am in college. Yes, I still have a MySpace. No, I have no plan to make a page on Facebook. If any of you only use Facebook, I may start one.

For the record, my e-mail is robram898@yahoo.com. Don’t be shy.

There will probably be a wiki, but not a Poppacultcha one. I have a Big Plan in the works, and it is a wiki, but it’s only peripherally related.

YouTube is irrelevant. You will be assimilated.

There may be other spin-off blogs and other various web pages that will likely interest many readers to some extent.

The weather-machine, food-pill and shoe-phone programs are not going well.

Ignore the previous sentence.

A Twitter stream is…unlikely but possible. I tend to ramble, which kind of defeats the point.

There’s probably a bunch of other flavor-of-the-month crap I’m forgetting (Poppacultcha: The iPhone App!* Poppacultcha: The Flamethrower!), but so be it.

Now that I have rambled sufficiently about how my content will be distributed, my next post should be actual content. I’m feeling generous.

– Robbi Ramirez, King of the Lanes

P.S. For anybody who doesn’t know, the name of this blog is a reference to the Pixies song “Subbacultcha” (think about it) from the underrated album Trompe le Monde.

* There will, however, be an Android app, once my devteam finds out what’s causing the seizures in epileptics and the mildly clairvoyant.


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